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Sports Program Eligibility

St Stephen Catholic School recognizes its obligations to develop and monitor academic performance and conduct to insure student athletes realize team sports are a privilege and participation in the games require the maintenance of academic standards and appropriate behavior.

In order for students to maintain eligibility to participate in extra-curricular sports activities, students’ work must maintain at least a “C” average (70%) in all subjects and have a "3" for all ATL's. including all specials (art, PE, music, etc.). Eligibility is determined each Monday by noon. Students who do not meet this requirement will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities for one week beginning the next day (Tuesday through the following Monday). Eligibility is determined only ONCE during the week on Monday's.

In order to determine eligibility, Coach Green will check all the student athletes' grades through Rediker on Monday by noon. If a student athlete is determined to be ineligible in any subject or for conduct, Coach Green will contact that teacher to make sure the grades posted are correct and updated. After the grade(s) have been certified by the class teacher, Coach Green will inform the student athlete and notify the parents/guardians by email or a phone call.

If a student athlete is ruled ineligible, he or she is allowed to practice or play in the game on that Monday with the restrictions starting the following day, Tuesday, and lasting to the following Monday when eligibility is determined again. If you are ineligible, the restricted time is from Tuesday through Monday. By selecting these days for the time off, we can avoid issues and conflicts with plans that were made for rides and student pick up.

The final decision of eligibility is at the discretion of the teacher and/or principal.



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