First graders show off their books after finish a nonfiction writing unit.

The curriculum of St. Stephen Catholic School is designed to accomplish the school’s mission of “Inspiring students to achieve their full academic potential while demonstrating a desire to continue Jesus’ mission.” Subject matter and teaching methods are organized to provide exciting opportunities, build confidence, and promote academic excellence and a love of learning.

Consideration has been given to ensure there are breadth and balance between the core subjects of Language Arts, Math and Science, and the specialty subjects of music, art, and physical education. The curriculum meets the standards of the Diocese and is influenced by the requirements of the State of Florida.

Religious instructions are an integral part of the Curriculum at St Stephen. Students learn the teachings of the Catholic Church and are encouraged and motivated to model Jesus’ life of faith and service.

Textbooks and programs for the 2019-2020 school year:

Math K-8

English Language Arts

Science K-8

Social Studies