ESE Teacher Jamie Stencel
Resources and Enrichment
Jamie Stencel and Heather Stanley


St. Stephen Catholic School strives to help every student reach their full academic potential. Students who come to St. Stephen with a diagnosed disability are eligible to receive services from the resource team. Our loving and talented resource teachers believe that every child is capable of learning, and work diligently to help classroom teachers, parents, and students discover strategies to make this happen.

If a child is struggling to learn, teachers or parents can bring the child to our Strategic Intervention Team (SIT) to look at the need for further testing or accommodations.


Hillsborough County Schools offers speech/language therapy to students at St. Stephen Catholic School who meet the criteria for speech or language. The assigned pathologist provides weekly or biweekly therapy on campus to eligible students in kindergarten through 8th grade.


St. Stephen Catholic School believes that every child should be challenged to reach their full academic potential.  Students who are identified as needing enrichment in reading or math through standardized testing or yearly iReady scores receive weekly enrichment services during their reading and math intervention block times.


Hillsborough County Schools also provides tutoring services through the national Title program funding. Title I tutoring services are delivered during the school day via a pull-out program to eligible students.